this is the page where you learn about this rambling girl. some facts pertinent, others irrelivant in general.

1.i am scared of stairs, and am starting to overcome a fear of escalators. I have nightmares about stairs.
2. i HATE snakes. i cant even look at pictures without wanting to cry.
3. i refuse to walk over grates in the ground with the fear of falling in.
4. i hate change. in both forms, coins, and well, things becoming different.
5. my dream job is to create movie soundtracks and to have my own fun restaurant/catering business. but im just gonna stick with the logical major of accounting.
6. when people say something that makes me feel awkward, i play dumb and act like a ditz who didnt hear them so i have more time to think of a response.
7. i love ranch. it goes well with many things.
8. i don't always know what i want in life. for now, i'm just aiming for happiness.
9. i'm not always as indecisive as i pretend to be. alot of times i just dont want to suggest something that wouldn't please everyone else.
10. when whoever it is years down the road decides to propose to me, it better be romantic or ill say no. if he doesnt put thought into it and is just like so what do you think of marriage, he's not the man for me.
11. my grandma lives with us, so i share a room with my sister. she's 21, i'm 19. yikes.
12. i'm mildly judgemental, and admit it. and i'm not afraid to state my judgements. can be good and bad.
13. i have recently learned its about quality and not quantity in friendships.
14. i hold grudges, and dont usually let go. ill pretend i did, but, i usually havent.
15. when i listen to screamo music, i feel as though the devil is scraping out my eardrums.
16. i have played the piano since the second grade. i love it, i just dont practice enough.
17. i have lots of lists. lists about everything. ask me about them sometime.
18. i have an obsession with country music lately, it just brings a smile to my face.
19.i am a chicken. there are so many things i would love to do but am just to scared to do, for example I have never jumped off the swings on the swing set.
20. i have no clue what the name of my hair color would be called. people have argued over it before.
21. i have an obsession with nutritional facts. i have lots of the nutritional facts for the chickfila menu memorized. quiz me.
22. i have an issue with the word no. i have trouble saying it to people. just another thing i need to over come.
23. going along with number 22, all i want to do is make other people happy, which i guess is why i cant say no.
24. i lack tact at times. i am blatantly honest alot of the time.
25. i want to go to ireland and scotland. i would love to travel the whole world, but if those are the only 2 places i ever make it, my life will be content.
26. if clients could hear what im thinking as i help them, they would never compliment me on how polite i am again.
27. i want to take ballroom dance classes, and learn all forms of it.
28. i am happiest when at the beach and near the water. its beautiful and soothing.
29. i have been told i flirt too much. but, its just my personality, its me being friendly. dont take it personal
30. i love dresses, they make me feel feminine and pretty.
31. i hate shopping, i get very frustrated while doing it.
32. i get frustrated when people try to label me as dumb because im really not.
33. im always trying to lose weight, but i love to eat. its rough.
34. music is my passion. i love hearing it, playing it, anything. it helps get me through life.
35. im not always as happy as i appear to be, i just act as happy as i wish i was
36. i want to live in a big city, but not forever. 6 months would be suffice.
38. i have an obsession with people who are obsessed with fashion, i myself am not that fashionable so i am fascinated by those who are.
39. my mom sounds like the little mermaid when she sings, my dad like the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz, i on the other hand am a frog croaking.
40. i have a terrible short term memory but an awesome long term.
41. pertaining to 40, i space out alot, which is probably what affects the short term. my friends often have to push my "reset button"

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