Wednesday, April 28, 2010

finals week, how do i loathe the? let me count the ways..

it's basically been a month since I've been on here..i honestly kinda forgot i started this, but amidst studying for my finals, I of course was searching for something to do besides, well successfully study the wonderful topic of accounting.. so here I am, back again, and i intend on remembering to update this more often.
today's topic..........COLLEGE!

my subject, in all actuality, is not necessarily true. though finals week brings forth an emense amount of stress, sheer chaos in my brain, and causes me to completely lack in the sleep department....i love finals. well love is not the word.... i just dont mind taking finals as much as a mind attending class and doing homework. homework is my true arch nemesis. it's the professors in courses that put such a focus on completing daily assignments that kill me (and many other students). I feel homework is a form of practice....and you only practice things in which you need to improve, so therefore if i fully understand the profit margin ratio, i shouldnt have to do 50 of nearly the same exact question to prove that i grasp the concept.. don't get me wrong, i'm not being cocky, calling myself a genius, and saying i get everything the first go round and never need to practice.....i just don't believe that practice should be a grade. I believe that if anything, homework should be considered and extra bonus, for exampl extra credit, OR for another example, say a student does all the homework, puts forth emense amounts of effort, and still just freezes up and fails the tests...a good teacher could then look see they were putting forth the effort and potentially be more willing to help the student out....but still not mke homework a grade...
this is me just rambling....i don't know if what i said will make sense to anyone's not well worded....and i has been written out of sheer frustration.....i promise my next blog will be just as random as the others, and nothing like this one......and yes this is a DISCLAIMER.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Questionable American Cutoms.

I have come to realise that Americans, or at least all the college students where I live, will find any reason in the world to get drunk. From football games to award shows...we have even know taken it to the new level of using other country's traditions in holidays to have a reason to "get crunk." this came to my attention really clearly the past few days...
1) while listening to the radio on the way to work each morning, I have heard an advertisement for Universal Studios, and many other places, mardi gras parties....before feb 17 (ash wednesday, the day lent begins) I was like "ah tight yeah that could be fun!" now, one month past ash wednesday i am thinking...WHAT THE HECK. a quick explanation to the world mardi gras is french for "fat tuesday" it was a tradition the french began to binge on their last day of freedom before lent begins...not the tuesday and monday before, not the weekend before and the monday and the tuesday... just the tuesday hence it only naming's whatever if as americans we feel the need to have it start a little early because really who can afford to party on the tuesday with work/school. but having mardi gras celebrations a month after is a bit too tacky for me.
2) tomorrow is st. patricks day. i so far, since i woke up this morning have been invited to 5 st. pattys day parties....that begin dont get me wrong, i'm always down for a good irish shin dig (seeing as i am 50% irish 50% scottish)...but preferably i'd life to party on the day the party is supposed to be held. all this "lets go get drunk to go get banded tonight so we can get drunk tomorrow" is WAY beyond me...and just so the world knows, st. particks day began as a feast (not drinking binge) to celebrate st. patrick the patroned saint of its a christian holiday that has obviously become secularized.

so americans....lets come out of the closet...admit you are all alcoholics or budding alcoholics or wanna be alcoholics....instead of ruining other countries traditions..i'm not sayin, but im just sayin..

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rant : ipad, upad, we-allpad for ipad

listening to kidd kradick in the morning today ( i heard them discussing that today is the day that you are able to begin "pre-ordering" apples new product, the ipad!....yay.... i am not sure on how to feel about this new product. of course many people love it (though they havent tried it) and have to buy it (though the ridiculous price) but...there are some major downfalls to it i feel:
1) you can't multitask! i don't know about yall, but when i'm on my computer i have my internet up (with multiple tabs of course!) my media player playing music, sometimes microsoft word up, along with photoshop and many other programs. but not uh, no sir, this ipad is going to help keep you focused on one thing, because well, it's only capable of letting you do one thing.
2) no cd drive. or any other drive at that. basically its a touch screen version of the mac book air....without the function-ability of the air. and it weighs more. yay.
3) well im still working on the rest of my complaints which i will update you on later but for now i'll leave it at the name. the ipad. next thing you know theyre going to have the itampon.

Rave! Something Borrowed

As it has been college Spring Break here in the Sunshine State Capital (Ha, sunshine state...yeah right!) I have had and abundance of spare time while at work seeing as all the students aren't currently on campus to bother me.. In the branch, there is a TV which scroll's the company's "top news updates" or well...its opinion. BUT, today, something on it got me very excited. Just half-heartedly watching the entertainment new updates, suddenly my eyes were WIDE open, they are now making a movie out of the book i JUST finished reading, Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. Though it is by no means a literary masterpiece , it is a book that sucks you in from the her best friend, Darcy, who was the "it-girl" all her life, handed everything she wanted and getting any boy she wants. On Rachel's 3oth birthday, she is still singe (despite her plans to be happily married with children by then) while Darcy is engaged to Dex (a handsome, charming, intelligent man Rachel went to law school with, and introduced Darcy to because she thought she didn't have a shot in hell). After a long night of drinking and partying for her birthday, she finds herself in bed with beginning. It is a story of a tell-tale good girl, Rachel, who has always been a good friend toDex the next morning!! (No worries, I didn't ruin anything, all this info is on the front cover!!) The rest of the novel (or well book, not so sure it deserves the term novel) is the story of the decisions Rachel and Dex must make following their mistake that night. Well not that the synopsis is over, i shall tell you why I was so excited... Ginnifer Goodwin was chosen to play Rachel in the movie-adaption of the book! she is absolutely perfect! She is beautiful, but ofter times over looked, and seems like a wholesome sweet girl! Maybe also because I felt like the character of Rachel is based off of how my life will be when I'm 30, I truly related to her...BUT another exciting part...John Krasinski is playing Dex! Not so sure how he'll pull of the tall dark and handsome thing...he's cute not handsome. but he is a fabulous actor! I will give an update on who the rest of the actors are when I find out! And more updates as the movie progresses! But that was my RAVE for the day!