Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Questionable American Cutoms.

I have come to realise that Americans, or at least all the college students where I live, will find any reason in the world to get drunk. From football games to award shows...we have even know taken it to the new level of using other country's traditions in holidays to have a reason to "get crunk." this came to my attention really clearly the past few days...
1) while listening to the radio on the way to work each morning, I have heard an advertisement for Universal Studios, and many other places, mardi gras parties....before feb 17 (ash wednesday, the day lent begins) I was like "ah tight yeah that could be fun!" now, one month past ash wednesday i am thinking...WHAT THE HECK. a quick explanation to the world mardi gras is french for "fat tuesday" it was a tradition the french began to binge on their last day of freedom before lent begins...not the tuesday and monday before, not the weekend before and the monday and the tuesday... just the tuesday hence it only naming's whatever if as americans we feel the need to have it start a little early because really who can afford to party on the tuesday with work/school. but having mardi gras celebrations a month after is a bit too tacky for me.
2) tomorrow is st. patricks day. i so far, since i woke up this morning have been invited to 5 st. pattys day parties....that begin dont get me wrong, i'm always down for a good irish shin dig (seeing as i am 50% irish 50% scottish)...but preferably i'd life to party on the day the party is supposed to be held. all this "lets go get drunk to go get banded tonight so we can get drunk tomorrow" is WAY beyond me...and just so the world knows, st. particks day began as a feast (not drinking binge) to celebrate st. patrick the patroned saint of its a christian holiday that has obviously become secularized.

so americans....lets come out of the closet...admit you are all alcoholics or budding alcoholics or wanna be alcoholics....instead of ruining other countries traditions..i'm not sayin, but im just sayin..


  1. wow! I really am glad that you have written about this. I am NOT a fan of getting drunk. And you're right people will use any excuse to get drunk & they turn things into a drinking fest when they are meant to be something completely different. What a waste.. well keep up the good work :)

    -kendra richardz

  2. Great Post. I have never been a fan of partying or doing substances to get under the influence- I think that's a huge issue with college and high school kids; drinking solely to get drunk, doing drugs just to get high.
    But in their "defence," I also think, in this day and age, life is so terrible they choose to escape.

  3. I don't like alcohol and have only been drunk once. When I go to concerts it seems like some people are drinking way too much as if they need to get drunk to have a good time. I enjoy such events without the booze. Am I strange for feeling this way? Maybe some people would say yes but I don't care.