Friday, March 12, 2010

Rant : ipad, upad, we-allpad for ipad

listening to kidd kradick in the morning today ( i heard them discussing that today is the day that you are able to begin "pre-ordering" apples new product, the ipad!....yay.... i am not sure on how to feel about this new product. of course many people love it (though they havent tried it) and have to buy it (though the ridiculous price) but...there are some major downfalls to it i feel:
1) you can't multitask! i don't know about yall, but when i'm on my computer i have my internet up (with multiple tabs of course!) my media player playing music, sometimes microsoft word up, along with photoshop and many other programs. but not uh, no sir, this ipad is going to help keep you focused on one thing, because well, it's only capable of letting you do one thing.
2) no cd drive. or any other drive at that. basically its a touch screen version of the mac book air....without the function-ability of the air. and it weighs more. yay.
3) well im still working on the rest of my complaints which i will update you on later but for now i'll leave it at the name. the ipad. next thing you know theyre going to have the itampon.


  1. haha nice!
    I like the way the ipad looks, and thats about it.
    I think a regular mac notebook is alot more useful. But hey, if youve got the mula to spend, why not?

  2. haha i just feel like its just a massive version of the itouch!

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