Wednesday, April 28, 2010

finals week, how do i loathe the? let me count the ways..

it's basically been a month since I've been on here..i honestly kinda forgot i started this, but amidst studying for my finals, I of course was searching for something to do besides, well successfully study the wonderful topic of accounting.. so here I am, back again, and i intend on remembering to update this more often.
today's topic..........COLLEGE!

my subject, in all actuality, is not necessarily true. though finals week brings forth an emense amount of stress, sheer chaos in my brain, and causes me to completely lack in the sleep department....i love finals. well love is not the word.... i just dont mind taking finals as much as a mind attending class and doing homework. homework is my true arch nemesis. it's the professors in courses that put such a focus on completing daily assignments that kill me (and many other students). I feel homework is a form of practice....and you only practice things in which you need to improve, so therefore if i fully understand the profit margin ratio, i shouldnt have to do 50 of nearly the same exact question to prove that i grasp the concept.. don't get me wrong, i'm not being cocky, calling myself a genius, and saying i get everything the first go round and never need to practice.....i just don't believe that practice should be a grade. I believe that if anything, homework should be considered and extra bonus, for exampl extra credit, OR for another example, say a student does all the homework, puts forth emense amounts of effort, and still just freezes up and fails the tests...a good teacher could then look see they were putting forth the effort and potentially be more willing to help the student out....but still not mke homework a grade...
this is me just rambling....i don't know if what i said will make sense to anyone's not well worded....and i has been written out of sheer frustration.....i promise my next blog will be just as random as the others, and nothing like this one......and yes this is a DISCLAIMER.

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